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         做展覽   找果然

        濟南果然文化傳媒有限公司成立于2006年是集設計、制作、安裝服務于一體的專業化施工機構。公司擁有完善的管理服務運營模式,穩定的組織團隊結構、寬敞明亮的辦公生產場所。主要經營組織藝術文化交流、 展覽、展示、多媒體展廳的設計制作、汽車巡展運營、室內外廣告設施設計制作及商亭設計制作、工業模型加工制作等,公司設備精良、人員經過專業培訓,具有較高的職業素質和道德水準,管理層思維活躍不斷創新:創新經營、創新管理、創新設計、創新工藝、平衡對待。

         數年來,我們公司先后榮獲了;祖國60周年閱兵儀式山東彩車“我與祖國共奮進”貢獻突出獎;第十九屆全國圖書交易博覽會“開幕式活動杰出貢獻單位”。  數年來 ,我們憑借雄厚的實力,精益求精的施工工藝和全程化滿意的服務宗旨與幾十個知名品牌企業進行了卓有成效的合作,經過多年的打拼為合作伙伴創造了經濟利益和品牌效益;我公司也贏得了良好的信譽和口碑。

            Ji'nan and culture media Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 is a professional set design, production, construction organization installation services in one of the. The company has perfect management and service mode of operation, stable team structure, bright and spacious office premises. Mainly engaged in organizing cultural exchange, exhibition, exhibition hall, multimedia design, car operation, indoor and outdoor advertising facilities design and commercial design, industrial model manufacture, the company well-equipped, through professional training staff, with high quality and occupation moral standards, management innovation: innovation thinking management, innovation management, innovation, technology innovation, design balanced treatment.

            Over the years, our company has won the 60 anniversary of the motherland; parade floats "I Shandong and the motherland's total" outstanding contribution award; the nineteenth National Book Trade Fair opening ceremony of "outstanding contribution unit". Over the years, we have by virtue of a strong, the whole construction process and refine on the satisfaction with dozens of well-known brand enterprises conducted very fruitful cooperation, create economic interests and benefits of the brand after years of hard work as a partner; our company has won a good reputation and word of mouth.